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MYAC Application


  1. 1. Meeting Information
  2. 2. Importance of Attendance
  3. 3. Requirements
  4. 4. Application Instructions
  5. 5. Student Information
  6. 6. Experience, Skills & General Information
  7. 7. ESSAY
  8. 8. Volunteer Agreement
  9. 9. File Upload and Additional Information
  • Meeting Information

    1. Mayor's Youth Advisory Council - Student Participation Agreement

    2. Members are expected to commit to attending the MYAC meetings and participate in many of the additional service opportunities provided. Meetings will be once a month, likely on Saturday mornings.

    3. Each MYAC Member is required to confirm with the Staff Liaison that they will be attending each meeting. Notice of each meeting will be emailed to the student at least one week prior to the meeting, making it essential that students are checking and responding to all MYAC emails.

    4. I have read and understand the meeting information*