Beltmill Mixed-Use Development


Construction is beginning now with the infrastructure on this 115+ acre development is located on the Northeast corner of Business 287 (Saginaw Blvd) and Bailey Boswell Road across the street from the Saginaw Walmart. 

This development is to accommodate a mix of retail, office, restaurant, single-family residential, multi-family residential, single family for rent and age-restricted housing (senior living) and community activities.

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2021.04.21 Development Plan

The land use frontage of Bailey Boswell Road is shown as devoted to commercial buildings. The area north of the commercial area along Bailey Boswell Road is a series of residential neighborhoods to support the commercial activity. This area is design to allow for a mixture of residential types, with the higher density products being designed in a way to complement the walkability of the proposed Village Center and growing Saginaw’s daytime population. This is intended to encourage residents of the development to walk to the retail and activity center of the Village Center. Thus, creating a one-of-a-kind destination along Saginaw Boulevard.

An essential element to the overall site is the incorporation of an open space system to provide for both active and passive recreational opportunities. The open space system will consist of landscape and hardscape elements such as plazas, greens, trails, pathways and parks for the residents and visitors of the development. These elements within the development will be ultimately located so as to provide recreational opportunities within convenient proximity to as many users as possible. These opportunities will include a destination family-oriented restaurants, arts and crafts shops, small outdoor concerts and other performances.

Beltmill’s name and logo is a modern day symbol that captures the City of Saginaw’s rich heritage of railroads and the grain industry. The graphic design incorporates both pieces, both old and new, of the community’s fabric together in an exciting one of a kind destination place located at the northern entrance to the City.

For more information about this project or moving your business to this location, please contact the following:

  • The Makens Company:  Jim Makens at or 1.817.540.3229 x 213
  • City of Saginaw: Keith Rinehart (Director of Community & Economic Development) at 817-230-0331 or